The Making of a Pop UP by DuFour Advertising

The Making of a Pop Up by DuFour Advertising

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ACUITY’s Storybook Year Ensconced in Smithsonian

The Popup Annual Report made the SmithsonianACUITY's 2010 Annual Report is now permanent part of the rare books section of the Cooper-Hewitt collection at the Smithsonian Library.

On April 18, Paper Engineer Andrew Baron presented a copy of ACUITY's Storybook Year to the Smithsonian along with a presentation on “The Birth of a Corporate Pop-up Book.” Baron, a key member of the team that produced our report, provided a behind-the-scenes look at the creative process behind our one-of-a-kind project.

“The Smithsonian refers to ACUITY's Storybook Year as ‘one of the most beautiful and compelling pop-up books designed to date,’” says Drew Foerster, the project's Art Director. “Given that popup art dates back hundreds of years, that is a remarkable testament to the quality of our project and the lasting value it is likely to have.”